geddy v0.10 released


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Since a longer time I'm now using node.js to create web-applications.

A framework which I use for this since almost one and a half year is geddy. Geddy is a web-framework with an API similar to the one from Ruby on Rails.

Geddy has resourceful routes, supports multiple template engines (EJS, Jade, Handlebars, Mustache, Swig),
has multiple database adapters (MongoDB, Postgres, Riak, in-memory) and is able to run with multiple processes.

When starting a new geddy application you get help from various generators. They will scaffold controllers, routes and templates for you.

With version 0.10 geddy introduces the following changes:

  • Response API (i.e., respond/respondTo/respondWith)
  • Customizable error pages
  • API-formatted error responses
  • Updated router to Barista v0.10
  • Simplified Model export syntax
  • Migration fixes for up/down to specific point
  • Better stacktrace in logs for error responses
  • Geddy site accessibility
  • Using tlsopts for parsing SSL and SPDY options

If you've never tried geddy before I recommend trying it now. It's a solid, full-featured framework in active development.