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GitLab is a self hosted Git management software. It is very much like GitHub, but on your own server.

I'm using GitLab for a couple of weeks now and am totally happy. It has all I love from GitHub and even some more.
However I'm always looking for beeing faster with my everyday tasks and as managing milestones, checking, opening and closing my issues and a lot more in GitLab's web-interface is now an everyday task, I though working with it from the command line.

So I had a look if there is a node.js module in npm that already does that or wraps the GitLab API and found node-gitlab. I created yet another wrapper around it called gitlab-cli which allows to work with the GitLab API from the command line.

This makes things even faster. For example if you want to open a new issue simply type:

gitlab open my-namespace/my-project/issue -m 'feed the kittens
and pet them'

Substitute 'my-namespace' and 'my-project'.

This will create a new issue with the title "feed the kittens" and the description "and pet them" as it's on a new line.

To get a list of all open issues containing the "Bug" label you can do:

gitlab list my-namespace/my-project/issues --filter state=opened --labels Bug

You can even create a new project:

gitlab create my-namespace/project -m 'Awesome Project
With an awesome description'

If you think this is a good thing, go and check it out.